BLUE PERIOD manga, Vol.2


  • Autorius: Tsubasa Yamaguchi
  • Leidėjas: Kodansha Comics
  • Kalba: anglų
  • Puslapiai: 192
  • Minkštas viršelis
  • ISBN: 9781646511242
  • Amžiaus cenzas: 16+


Produkto kodas: MANG511242 Kategorija: Žymos: ,

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Art has changed the course of Yatora’s once dull life, and now he’s aiming for Japan’s most competitive art school. With entrance exams a year away, he’ll need to expand his limited eye for art, and quickly. He turns to new peers and the masters to envision pieces only he can produce, and soon dives into his first competition—the same one where his Art Club role model nearly scored last place. Among geniuses and lifelong art kids, does Yatora even stand a chance…?


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