Peigenz Volume 2



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Kūrinys ANGLŲ kalba.
Peigenz is an action drama which incorporates both outstanding art and just the right amount of comedy to balance the tension-filled serious moments. At the beginning of the 21st century, a sudden increase in genetic mutations causes some people to be born with special abilities. However, these enhanced humans are not welcome amongst the general population. As time goes by, they are marked for exile and shunned by society, resulting in a life of crime for many. As their special powers make them difficult to apprehend, the government joins hands with an unofficial, secret group of the most gifted and highly trained mutated bounty hunters known as Peigenz. Jay Berell is a normal high school student who finds herself caught in the crossfire during a battle between the Peigenz and a dangerous serial killer. This triggers her special mutant abilities and leads to her recruitment into the Peigenz organization.


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