THE BOYS kolekcinė ACTION 1/6 figūrėlė – „Homelander (Normal Version)” (30cm)



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Collectible Action Figure The Boys of Homelander in Normal Version, 1/6 scale size approx.30cm. Official product by Star Ace.

Amazon Prime’s “The Boys” is set in a world with real superheroes, but they are controlled by an evil corporation that is obsessed with money and power.  The corrupt “supers” hide behind a semblance of civic duty that just barely hides their true motivations. The most powerful and insane of all of these supers is Homelander, a god-like being with super-strength, the ability to fly and who shoots death beams out of his eyes.

This 1/6th scale figure of Homelander features a specially designed custom Seamless body developed with TBLeague that is fully articulated and has over 30 points of articulation. The authentic headsculpts include the exacting likeness of Antony Starr as Homelander and were sculpted by renowned figure artist Vimal Kerketta.  The serious expression of Homelander features a light up function to simulate the death beams.

Accessories include multiple hands, a vial of Compound V, a photo of Homelander with Madelyn Stillwell and a milk bottle.

The 1/6 th scale Homelander (Normal ver.) collectible figure features :

  • 1/6 scale Seamless body (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.
  • Fully realized authentic likeness of Anthony Starr as Homelander
  • One (1) portrait with serious expression and light-up eyes function
  • One (1) pair of open hands
  • One (1) pair of hands for resting on hips
  • One (1) right hand for holding milk bottle
  • One (1) right hand for holding photo

Costume :

  • One (1) jumpsuit uniform with printed detail
  • One (1) pair of shoulder armor
  • One (1) Belt
  • One (1) Cloak
  • One (1) Pair of Boots

Accessories :

  • One (1) Milk bottle
  • One (1) Photo Album
  • One (1) vial of Compound V

This product is not a toy or product for children. It is a collector’s item intended for adults only.


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