Remote manga, Vol. 4

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  • Autorius: Seimaru Amagi
  • Leidėjas: TokyoPop
  • Kalba: anglų
  • Puslapiai: 216
  • Minkštas viršelis
  • ISBN: 9781595320315
  • Išleidimo data: 2005.01.11


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Officer Kurumi Reporting. I’ve worked some tough gigs beforeâ „tracking a killer clown, stopping a mad bomber, protecting a rich punk kid. And now I’m in the worst place a peep show. All those cases are nothing compared to this slime hole. But I’m closeâ „real closeâ „to nabbing the faceless woman who’s been cutting off the heads of all the pretty young things…. And it’s not a moment too soon. Next up, my fiancé and I are taking a well-deserved vacation to clear our heads in the mountains. But I should know by now that nothing ever goes right for us, and our quaint rural drive leads to car troubleâ „and murder. Seems like psychopaths never take a holiday from me…


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